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Nancy Hofeditz-Johnson Angel Readings Bainbridge Island Washington

I was born and raised in Seattle Washington and presently live on a beautiful island in the Pacific Northwest. I am a true girl of the 60's , which was one of the best times of my life. Everyone was Nancy Hofeditz- Johnsonsearching for the true meaning of life. I knew then , as I do now , that there is much more to life than the physical and what we can see with the naked eye. There is a world that hides behind “ the Veil “ and it allows us to tap into our true selves to see what lies beyond. I have studied with Sonia Choquette , Doreen Virtue, Patti Mook and James Van Praagh in addition to other masterful people. I am very grateful to have had teachers that have helped me to expand who I am. I am a very intuitive and empathic person and have been on an endless journey to experience all that the universe has to offer. If I can assist you in finding new insight into a certain situation ,or to gain a different perspective to any question you have please contact me at: info@intothelight.ws

In Light and Love,


Nancy Hofeditz-Johnson

1.Angel Therapy Practitioner®- ( certified by Doreen Virtue PhD )

2. Hypnotherapist - ( certified by Doreen Virtue PhD )

3.Past Life Reader - (certified by Doreen Virtue PhD )

4. Angel Therapy® Mediumship - ( certified by Doreen Virtue PhD )

5. "Trust your Vibes®" Six Sensory Practitioner - ( certified by Sonia Choquette PhD )

6. Reiki- Level 1 & 2 practitioner ( certified by Pattie Mook)

7. Acutonics® - Level 1 ( Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC )

8. Mastering Mediumship - James Van Praagh

9. Certified Angel Card Reader™ ( by Doreen Virtue PhD )

I have had several past life readings and angel card readings from Nancy over the last 3 years and each one has been enlightening and so helpful to me in this lifetime. Nancy not only works with the issues of this lifetime but looks into the past and future to see how other times may be affecting this lifetime. Nancy’s work has impressed me on many levels, she has a gift to see what is needed to help you achieve your highest potential at this time in your life and has an exceptional ability to reveal to you the light. A reading with Nancy is accurate and exciting! She brings her own warmth and humor to all her intuitive work. Nancy takes the time to listen and make sure that you receive the best reading. Nancy is very professional in her work and is highly trained. She has completed multiple readings for me and with each one I am amazed at how accurate and relevant the reading is to my life today.

Jill Connolly Avondale Pa.

Nancy Hofeditz-Johnson

I have
always believed that my present life is connected to my past lives and that all the memories of my past lives are deeply buried in my subconscious. I feel my past life regression with Nancy helped to bring some of these memories to the surface and affirmed my personality. I know and understand myself better and discovered why I do the things I do.

Shellie Hayashi Yette
One Question Angel Reading ~Connection to Angels and Spirit Guides can support our best choices and ability to deal with life's challenges and uncertainties. Send in one clear question, and I will connect with your angels and spirit guides to share their wisdom with you on your specific inquiry. The clearer the question, the clearer the answer. In many circumstances, your full birth name and birth date may assist in the process . All names and data are kept completely confidential.
Cost ~ $60.00
In additon to your question, please include your birth name and the e-mail address you would like the reading sent to. Thank You!
An Angel Card Reading~ is a wonderful way to connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides. They can give you guidance when you feel "stuck" and aren't sure which path to go down.They offer wonderful insight and can give you an alternative way to view your situation. Who knows you better then your guides and Angels. They only come in love and that is all we ever need. I would love to be your connection to the other side.After submission of your payment go to the "Submit Question" section please give me your question and any history you might want to share..that is up to you. Then please include your email address . Thank you ~~
Cost ~ 60.00

Past Life Reading~A Past Life Reading is an intuitive reading where I connect to spirit to get a “snapshot “ of a past life . I will see images and feelings of places and your surroundings .Your full birth name is my guide to this information. It is very interesting to journey back to another time because it can hold pieces of our personality in present time.. All names are kept completely confidential .
Cost : $40.00

In additon to your question, please include your birth name and the e-mail address you would like the reading sent to. Thank You!

Past Life Regression
~A Past Life Regression is a guided pathway to experience yourself in another lifetime, allowing you to gain personal and spiritual insights. Past lives contain experiences and sensations that can shape our beliefs and reactions in our present time. Remembering,visualizing,or visiting events from a past life may shed light upon underlying stresses and responses in out present lives. During a regression I will only be guiding you to help you open yourself to the information that your higher self and spirit guides will provide to you. Your guides will take you to a lifetime that will be relevant for your present time situation. Whenever you daydream you are hypnotized..this is the same... you have total control of your surroundings. I will just be helping you to relax so you can open yourself to the flow of information that is available to you. During a regression, I do not tell you anything. All of the memories come from you. I am only guiding you through the process by asking you questions that will help you evoke memories from a past life. If I can be of assistance to you on this journey please contact me ....
This is a private “in person” session only. You will receive a CD of the full session. Cost: $140.00

The best way to communicate with me is to write me via e-mail:

Thanks to the digital mail service you can feel free to express your story to the length you feel comfortable and I will be able to contact you as a more informed person.Nancy Hofeditz-Johnson

In Love and Light,


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