Past Life Regression




A Past Life Regression is a guided pathway to experience yourself in another lifetime, allowing you to gain personal and spiritual insights. Past lives contain experiences and sensations that can shape our beliefs and reactions in our present time. Remembering, visualizing, or visiting events from a past life may shed light upon underlying stresses and responses in our present lives. During a regression, I will only be guiding you to help you open yourself to the information that your higher self and spirit guides will provide to you. Your guides will take you to a lifetime that will be relevant for your present time situation. Whenever you daydream you are hypnotized..this is the same… you have total control of your surroundings. I will just be helping you to relax so you can open yourself to the flow of information that is available to you. During a regression, I do not tell you anything. All of the memories come from you. I am only guiding you through the process by asking you questions that will help you evoke memories from a past life. If I can be of assistance to you on this journey please contact me ….
This is a private “in person” session only. You will receive a CD of the full session.