Spirit Rain Crystal Clearing Spray

This Crystal Clearing Spray Will Clear Negative Energies From Your Crystals And Cleanse And Purify Any Space In Your Home Or Place Of Work. Shake Well Before Using And Mist Above Your Crystals And Into The Air In Your Rooms And Work Space. Always Set Your Intention Before You Spray.
The Suggested Use: Shake Well Before Using. To Clear Unwanted Energies, Mist Over Your Crystals. To Cleanse And Purify Your Room Or WorkSpace, Spray Mist In The Corners Of The Room And Into The Center Of The Areas Of Concern.

Crystal Clearing Spray

By Spirit Rain

Caution: Do Not Spray In Eyes. This Product Is Intended For Your Crystals And For Your Rooms And Work Spaces Only. Not For Internal Or External Use. Prepared By Spirit Rain, Bainbridge Island Washington


Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Pure Pink Himalayan Salt, Pure Emulsifying Oil. Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Lavender, White Sage. Gem Elixirs: Black Tourmaline.