Spirit Wisdom Grids

~ The beauty of Crystal Gridding~

~ The beauty of crystals is a never-ending gift from Mother Earth. It still just amazes me that these stunningly, gorgeous stones come out of the dirt…or some obscure place in nature. Through the last 10 years, I have established a deep loving connection to each crystal that I meet. You’d think that one of each would be enough…no such thought pattern exists in my mind. There is never enough. They are like puppies, you just keep bringing them home. At first, I was doing Chakra Balancing work so I bought the different stones to go with each Chakra. But as time moved forward so did I in regard to my understanding and use of crystals. I started arranging patterns on my table.I learned that as I made patterns on the table the grids would come to life.I would set my intention for each grid and then the work would begin. I learned to use objects to depict a place or a person and I would build a story using my crystals. I would set my intention and send it out to the Universe.

┬áIn my world, there are two different types of grids that I work with the most. There are the “free-flowing” grids that are a picture in your mind, like a frame from a movie, where you imagine the scene and create it. There is always a main focus and “intention” to the grid. Then you will support that intention with the choice of stones that you use. It is always recommended to use a Quartz Crystal to amplify the intention of any grid. You can either have a Quartz in the grid pattern itself or put one next to the grid when it is complete. You can have as many Quartz crystals surrounding the grid as you like. There are never too many.

Free Flowing Grid example -1

Free Flowing Grid example -2

Free Flowing Grid example -3

Free Flowing Grid example -4

The second type of gridding is the Platonic Solids/Sacred Geometry grids. There are many different types of Sacred Geometry shapes but the one that I teach is the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life is considered the birth of everything. The formation of the grid and the placing on of stones creates a pathway for the energy to flow so that it will give “birth to your intention”. It is the precise placement of the stones on the grid that allows the energy to flow without interruption. It is essential to understand the grid pattern and the reasons that you place stones on certain points and intersections. The Sacred Geometry grid creates a vehicle. It aligns the vibrations of the crystals in a pattern that creates a path that allows the energy to flow and give birth to your intention.

Sacred Geometry grids

Sacred Geometry grids