Spirit Rain Flower Essence

spirit rain flower essence and gem elixir
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Spirit Rain Flower Essence Is The Combination Of Flower Essence, Gem Elixirs And Essential Oils Used Together To Capture The Magical Healing Powers Provided To Us By Mother Nature. Flower Essence And Gem Elixirs Balance Each Other And Strengthen The Vibrational Energy That Helps To  Release The Negative Influences That Create Imbalance In The Flow Of Our Spiritual And Emotional Energy.

When We Are Able To Release Negative Influences Such As Fear, Worries, Lack Of Self Confidence And Self Esteem, And Repetitive Thoughts That Can Cause Us To Be Very Anxious, We Start To Sense A Smoother Flow Of Our Emotional And Spiritual Energies. This Allows Us To Feel Calm And Balanced And Helps To Bring Back Spiritual And Emotional Harmony.
Flower Essence Is Not The Extraction Of The Scent But Rather The Extraction Of The ” Energetic Signature” Of The Flower. The Vibrational Force Of Energy In  Flower Essence Helps To Realign Our Energetic Flow And “Untie” The Knots Created By Emotional Disruptions. We Have A  Flow Of Energy That Is Optimal And When We Are Off Balance It Can Run At The Lower End And That Causes Us To Feel Unbalanced And Not In Emotional  Harmony With Our Spiritual Self.

Gem Elixirs Are Also The Extraction Of The Energetic Signature Of Each Crystal. Gem Elixirs Work By Accelerating The Release Of Energy That Is Built Up Do To Emotional Pressure. When We Are Feeling A Strained State Or Condition Resulting From Forces Acting In Opposition To Each Other We Feel Stretched Too Tight. The Combination Of Flower Essence And Gem Elixirs Together Create A Powerful Energy Force To Release This Tension.

Spirit Rain Flower Essence and Gem Elixirs