Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are  Flower Essence?

A: Every Flower Has A  Specific Energetic Vibration. A Flower Essence Is Not A Scent But Rather The Extraction Of The Flowers”Energetic Signature “.

Q: Why Would Someone Use Flower Essence?

A: Flower Essence Are Most Commonly Used For Spiritual, Alignments. Mental AnAlignments.If You Are Experiencing A Negative Mood You Will Be Able To Feel More Positive Using A Floral Essence.

Q: How Is The “Energetic Signature” Extracted?

A: The  Extraction Happens When The Blooms Of A  Flower Are Placed In A Glass Bowl Filled With Spring Water. The Blooms Are Picked From The Host Plant At A Specific Time When It’s Energetic Signature Is At It’s Strongest. It Is Then Placed In Direct Sunlight For At Least 3 Hours. The Blooms Are Then Removed And The “Mother Tincture” Is  Born. From This Point, The Person Preparing The Mother Tincture Follows Other Steps To Complete  The Process In Preparation Of Each Individual Flower Essence.

Q: What Is A Gem Elixir?

A: A Gem Elixir Is  The Extraction Of The Individual “Energetic Signature” Of A Crystal. Each Crystal Has A Consciousness. They Each  Are Very Powerful In Their Healing Abilities.

Q: How Is The “Energetic Signature” Extracted From The Crystal?

A: The  Extraction Can Happens Two Ways. One Way Is To Place A Crystal  In Distilled Water In The Sunlight And The Other Is Through A Boiling Method. There Is More To Each Process But This  Is  The General Beginning Of Each Method.

Q: What Is The Benefit Of Combining A Gem Elixir  With  Flower Essence?

A: The Combination Of Flower Essence And Gem Elixirs Is A Perfect Blend Of The Gifts Of Mother Nature. The Two Together Act To Preserve And Balance Each Other And Strengthen The Vibrational Energy That Helps to ” Untie”  The Negative Influences That Create The Imbalance In The Flow Of Our Spiritual Energy.

Spirit Rain Flower Essence and Gem Elixirs